Bend Studio has already moved on from Days Gone, despite the project's success. However, the petition for Days Gone 2 continues to gain momentum. Over 210,000 fans of the game have already signed in support of its continuation.

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The petition was created in 2021. Two years after the release of Days Gone, the game was ported to PC, and according to available data, by early 2022, no fewer than 8 million copies had been sold. In mid-2022, Bend Studio confirmed that it was working on a new IP. However, since then, the popularity of the petition has increased: it currently has 211,309 signatures.

The petition continues to grow with new subscribers. In just the last few hours, several users have expressed their hopes for the appearance of Days Gone 2. Like the fans, game director Jeff Ross hopes to see a sequel to the game.

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In fact, this petition attracted much more attention after the game director asked fans to unite in support of Days Gone. However, despite the ongoing popularity of the petition, a sequel is unlikely to ever appear.

A leak of documents showed that Bend Studio was faced with a choice in 2020: create Days Gone 2 or a sequel to Uncharted. The studio chose neither option, deciding instead to try something completely different.

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