Businessman and owner of social network "X", Elon Musk, admitted that he dislikes the GTA series because it requires players to commit crimes.

In particular, he tried playing Grand Theft Auto V but couldn't bring himself to shoot police officers in the opening scenes. It seems Musk is referring to the game's prologue, where characters commit a robbery followed by a shootout with the police.

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Many reacted ironically to Musk's comments, especially against the backdrop of recent news that the platform supposedly intentionally limited viewing of a Rockstar post with a YouTube link to the first trailer of Grand Theft Auto VI. The original post disappeared from view when readers tried to open responses to the original post.

Some speculated that this was the platform's way of "retaliating" against the developers for not releasing an additional version of the trailer specifically for network "X".

Meanwhile, the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer itself faced various criticisms. For instance, popular blogger Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan also reacted negatively to the police confrontations in the series. However, Tate noted that he had never played the franchise.

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Nevertheless, such criticism is unlikely to hinder the popularity of the GTA 6 trailer, which has already garnered over 100 million views on Rockstar's YouTube channel and broken several records.

Initially, some users thought the trailer showed overly crazy scenes, but it later turned out that the developers made references to real-life episodes in Florida.

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