Publisher Electronic Arts and Maxis Studio revealed a trailer showcasing the gameplay of the For Rent expansion for the life simulation game The Sims 4

The expansion is scheduled for release on December 7. Below is a quote from the developers:

Sims now have a new way to generate income - investing in rental properties. You can choose to live in the same house as your tenants and manage them personally, or live separately. But they shouldn’t relax too much! If the property is neglected, the housing rating will decrease, leading to a tenant revolt.

Rental properties are not only a source of income for enterprising Sims but also create a unique community where entirely new stories unfold. Maybe your Sim is starting from scratch and moves into a basement apartment? Or perhaps in a duplex, two families with children lived, and these children fell in love when they grew up? Now you can divide a house into apartments, allowing you to build entirely new types of housing. Multiple families can live in one house, giving them many reasons to interact.

Neighbors often stop to chat at the mailboxes and gather for communal meals. Some might even take the opportunity to sniff out others' secrets, eavesdropping on conversations, snooping through belongings, or even sneaking into an apartment uninvited.

The expansion will introduce a new city, Tomarang, styled after a Thai town. Its design is inspired by the culture of Southeast Asia, specifically Thailand. The town (or area) will feature night markets where you can enjoy appetizing dishes and exotic delicacies.

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There will be an agreement with the tenant. This expansion allows you to precisely adjust the rental process. Users can now set conditions for each rental area using the "Tenant Agreement" tool.

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As a property owner, you have the right to establish specific rules for each rented apartment. For example, bans on public events, no loud noises, etc. If a rule is broken, the Sim will incur a fine.

The game will introduce a rating system. It will improve depending on how well you repair your property and decrease if something goes wrong. Naturally, a good rating brings pleasant bonuses, such as more attractive tenants.

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You will set the rent amount, but you will also be responsible for resolving various housing issues to maintain the rating and keep tenants happy.

Good news: Repo-Man is returning to The Sims 4. Repo-Man was a character known for repossessing items when Sims failed to keep up with their financial responsibilities.

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