One of the most popular shooter series, Call of Duty, might soon be available on the subscription service. Activision has not made any official announcements, but users have noticed hints of including some CoD titles in Game Pass.

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Hints of the shooter's appearance on the Game Pass are being given by the Xbox digital store. Players have noticed that if you try to purchase any edition of Black Ops 2 on the console now, an interesting notification pops up. It states that the game might be available for free to Game Pass subscribers.

The Call of Duty series could indeed become part of the Game Pass catalog. However, for this to happen, the merger of Activision with Microsoft, which might take place this month, needs to be officially concluded.

It should be noted that representatives of both companies previously denied including the latest parts of the franchise in the catalog, but did not rule out the appearance of "classic" projects in it.

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