Microsoft has changed the terms of renewing Game Pass subscriptions in several countries, including Turkey, Argentina, and Brazil. Now the pass can be paid for a maximum of 13 months using a code or gift card. According to commentators, the changes are related to the increased cost of EA Play and currency inflation. There is no official response from Microsoft.

Xbox game passImage: EnsiplayFor gamers in some countries, the price of a Game Pass Ultimate subscription has increased 4-6 times due to the increased cost of an EA Play subscription. For example, in Argentina, the cost has risen from 3099 to 33,499 pesos per year. On April 11, the Microsoft gaming division changed the terms of renewal of Game Pass subscriptions. In Turkey, Argentina, Taiwan, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Singapore, passes can now be paid for using a code or gift card for a maximum of 13 months. There are no such restrictions for other countries, and the subscription can be renewed for 36 months.

Game Pass Ultimate can also be paid for 36 months, including in Turkey, Argentina, and other countries listed above. Users who purchased Ultimate will be least affected by the changes.

Main image: Ensiplay