Despite the enormous success of Palworld, there's still room in the survival game segment for other prominent new releases. For instance, Enshrouded — Keen Games reports that the game attracted over a million users within four days.

As the developers have assured, the project will receive active support going forward:

Enshrouded was released in early access on Steam on January 24th — it presents a survival game where players explore a vast and dangerous world, striving to gather valuable resources.

Initially, players need to craft their own equipment and weapons and then engage in battles with various monsters and advance through an extensive skill tree. The game also supports cooperative play for up to 16 people.

What sets the game apart from other entries in the genre is its voxel-based terraforming, allowing players to construct intricate buildings and alter the terrain itself.

Upon the game's launch, users encountered serious technical issues, such as connection difficulties, which was particularly frustrating considering the game's cooperative features. Many initially left negative reviews on the game's page, but the developers quickly addressed the issues, leading to a cessation of negative feedback.

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