Rockstar officially announced that the release of GTA 6 is set for 2025. Fans eagerly await this coveted day. But they are also awaiting an answer to an exciting question: will GTA 6 have online?

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GTA 5 remains extremely popular a decade after its initial launch. Apart from its cool single-player content, GTA 5 has been loved by gamers due to its online mode. There, players could join friends to create mayhem in Los Santos. It's no wonder fans are eager to know if an online mode will be available in GTA 6.

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As of now, it is unknown whether GTA 6 will have online. However, considering the success of GTA 5 Online, we have no doubt that developers will implement an online mode. It might not be available immediately with the game's release, and users may have to wait some time. The same was true for GTA 5. The online version was not included right away but appeared a few weeks later.

As soon as the developers release news about the online mode in GTA 6, we will immediately publish it so that you stay informed of the events.

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