Krafton is preparing a significant update for PUBG. It seems that this time, players won't just get a new set of weapons and maps. The developers are indeed working on something more substantial. They recently released a teaser indicating the addition of an extra game mode in PUBG.

The footage shared by the developers doesn't go into specifics but reveals crucial gameplay details. Players will take on roles as members of a four-person squad, the only survivors following a zombie attack. However, the main objective will be not only to survive but also to find a way out of the dire situation.

The game mode is described as survival, so item crafting and resource gathering will be part of the experience. Apparently, the action will take place on the Haven map, where experimental clones have gone rogue and wreaked havoc. Details of the new mode are expected to be revealed closer to the end of the month when the developers share future game plans.

The announcement does not specify an approximate release date for the mode, but it seems most fitting for the Halloween atmosphere.

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