PUBG developers banned 111,000 accounts (and 62,000 devices) from October 9 to 15, 2023. In total, around 103,000 accounts were banned for using cheats.

Another 5,200 people received blocks for killing allies. 2,223 users were blocked for colluding with enemies. 487 players were banned for other violations.

We are sharing the banned players list for 10/9~10/15 to raise awareness about the abuse of illegal software and consequences of misconduct. Please refer to the list of players who have been banned for violating rules of conduct

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The list of blocked accounts can be viewed here. In the presented list, the first three letters of the banned players' nicknames are replaced with "*".

To protect your account from violations, the use of illegal software, and other unlawful actions, make sure you use the Steam Guard mobile authenticator. How to set this up can be read here.

Main image: YouTube