During the Escape From Tarkov Arena tournament at TwitchCon, Nikita Buyanov, the CEO of BattleState Games, revealed details about the release schedule for the beta version of Escape From Tarkov Arena, which will be available to everyone who pre-orders the game.

During an interview, Nikita was asked if he could provide a release date for the beta version of Escape From Tarkov Arena. He didn't specify an exact date, but mentioned that the current plan is to launch the beta in early December 2023.

Escape From TarkovImage credit: Reddit

Although this isn't an exact release date, it's the closest indication we have of when we might be able to start playing Arena. Up until now, the only timeline given for the beta's release was "this year", but due to the silence over the past few months, some fans began to worry that it might be delayed.

Everyone who pre-orders Escape From Tarkov Arena will have access to the beta version, and if you've already purchased the Edge of Darkness edition of Escape From Tarkov, you'll receive the game and access to the beta for free.

Main image: escapefromtarkov.fandom.com