In the EA app, the first screenshots of the Castle Estate Kit for The Sims 4 have appeared, which was formally announced back in 2023. What opportunity will players get? From the name, it is clear that they will be able to build castles.

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Judging by the description, thanks to the Castle Estate Kit, the life simulator will receive additional materials and objects. For example, stone walls, gated grills, Gothic arches, and other things that will help decorate the building and create an atmosphere of gloomy medieval times.

Unfortunately, the release date is not indicated in the app. Instead, users can only see "October 15, 2099". But since the announcement took place last year and screenshots have already appeared, it can be assumed that the wait won't be long.

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No other official information is available. As we wrote earlier, hints of the appearance of a kit with medieval castles emerged back in 2023. At that time, Electronic Arts conducted a survey where players chose between rainbow and Gothic accessories for characters, as well as medieval and futuristic building elements.

In December, the developers summarized the gaming results of 2023. As it became known, The Sims 4 became the most popular game in the entire more than 20-year history of the series.

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