A few days ago, the release of the new epic third-person shooter Helldivers 2 took place. By the way, the release was successful. Over a million users have already played the game. And the developers are trying to fix all known issues with the game. You can read about it here.

Helldivers 2Image credit: twitch.tv

As we have already written, the shooter's authors are actively working on improving the game and discussing future content updates. Currently, the Arrowhead Game team is actively discussing the addition of large-scale raids.

The release of Helldivers 2 showed the developers that players are interested in the possibility of cooperative gameplay. Most gamers are currently interested in raids, which are limited to a small number of players. They want to see raids for 8-16 people simultaneously.

Helldivers 2Image credit: fun-academy.de

Arrowhead Game responded positively to this. The developers acknowledge that implementing raids for 8-16 players will be a challenging task due to server limitations and the original mechanics of the shooter. Nevertheless, the authors promise to thoroughly work on this request from the community.

The studio's representatives emphasize that the team's efforts are currently focused on increasing server stability. As soon as all technical difficulties are resolved, the developers will proceed with content updates and the development of new raids.

Main image: maniac.de