A few days ago, the official release of the cooperative action shooter Helldivers 2, a third-person view game from Arrowhead Game Studios and Sony, took place. The project quickly became the most successful launch for the Japanese company on PC and attracted an audience of more than one million active users. 

Such activity naturally led to connection and server stability issues. The creators have stated that they are aware of all the mentioned problems and are already working on solving them. 

And now, the first update for the shooter has been released. It only concerns the server part of the project and should significantly facilitate players' connection to the game. The developers have managed to partially solve the login issue and improve server performance. 

Helldivers 2Image credit: fr.techwar.gr

The developers note that the number of active players continues to grow. Due to limited capabilities, some players may still experience connection problems. 

Arrowhead Game Studios promises to continue refining the server infrastructure and enhancing their stability, but this will take more time. In addition, the team is working on solving a problem that prevents players from receiving in-game rewards. 

Main image: crumpe.com