At the last QuakeCon Bethesda Softworks gave a gift to all fans of Quake II. The game was recently re-released with many improvements. The remaster collected positive reviews from critics and users. 

To date, Quake II has 90 points on Metacritic from journalists and a score of 7.8 from players. On OpenCritic, the project has received 91 points. On Steam, the game has 97% positive recent reviews. 

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Players and critics appreciated the qualitative changes in the remaster, as well as the developers' careful attitude to the original game. Also many praised the Call of the Machine campaign from MachineGames team. Journalists call it a quintessential gameplay experience. 

Here are a couple of rave reviews from critics:


This new iteration of Quake II is the definitive approach to remastering a classic. The past melds seamlessly with the present, as not only are the two original expansions resurrected, but the very campaign from Quake II 64 is transposed. The new campaign crafted by the hands of MachineGames is a testament to the fusion of innovation and nostalgia. This revitalization becomes a symphony of rejuvenation, as the past is reborn in the crucible of the present, leaving players to navigate a world that is both familiar and novel, both retro and modern. This is not just a remaster; it's a journey through time, a testament to the power of transformation.

Rating 10/10

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Quake 2's remaster isn't just an incredible visual improvement to a classic game. It's a love letter to fans that includes all past content while accommodating new players with functions like the compass and accessibility features. It offers a behind-the-scenes look at several assets while addressing one of the biggest omissions - the soundtrack, which is still incredible, even after all these decades.

While the mission packs aren't on the same level as the base game, the overall package is appealing to fans of old-school shooters. As the best way to experience one of id Software's most iconic games (especially given its price), it's also a strong benchmark for remasters in general.

Rating 9/10

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