Some gaming companies do not learn from their mistakes, and Activision is no exception. Following the resounding failure of MW3, which was released just a year after MW2 and was supposed to be an expansion of the previous part rather than a standalone game, the developers decided to spend just one year on the development of Call of Duty: Black Ops, set in the Gulf War.

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The first rumors about the Gulf War surfaced in 2022 following leaks from mobile Call of Duty, in which the decommissioned American Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk, introduced in October 1983, was discovered.

Earlier this year, insider Tom Henderson reported that Call of Duty 2024, codenamed Cerberus, is in development and is currently planned to be released on last-generation consoles.

New details from WindowsCentral indicate that the new game will be set during the Gulf War with a focus on the CIA. Although not yet officially confirmed, WindowsCentral notes that the next game will most likely be titled "Black Ops: Gulf War", and this information has been corroborated by Henderson's sources.

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One of the main new pieces of news in the report is the pre-order bonuses that Activision hopes to implement in the next game. According to the report, Activision is even considering the idea of offering early access to the "Zombie" mode for a week.

Treyarch studio will be responsible for the project's production. In the new shooter, the authors will emphasize the different participants in the conflict. The game will also include authentic military technology and gadgets characteristic of the Black Ops series — there will be no modern equipment from Modern Warfare.

According to previous leaks, old maps such as Grind and WMD will appear in multiplayer. The Zombie mode will return to its roots: over several rounds, players will need to destroy the rising dead.

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Like all major Call of Duty releases, the next Black Ops game will be released in October/November.

It's hard to hope for something good, given that Modern Warfare 3, to put it mildly, did not impress players. Perhaps the developers should have made this project a DLC for Modern Warfare 2, but apparently, they wanted more money, as the game costs $70.

And what does the gamer get for $70? A 2-3 hour campaign, a "soapy" image, a ridiculously and comically portrayed Makarov, who used to be terrifying, unfairness due to pre-leveled players in multiplayer who have transferred everything from the previous part. Yes, it's unrealistic for newcomers to play Modern Warfare 3 because of this. While other players run around with cool weapons and attachments from MW3, you are left with just a basic starter set.

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It is also worth noting that the campaign, although short, is also not very well-developed. There are very few epic moments, not always musical accompaniment, and if there is, it's unbearable to listen to. Worthy missions are completed in just a few minutes, even before you get used to the location, while the less outstanding quests are dragged out and bore the player.

Activision should have learned its lesson, but the developers want even more profit, so the CoD series has every chance of becoming a second-rate project.

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