After the confirmation that EA's Project Rene is in development, some fans of The Sims had already resigned themselves to the idea that support for The Sims 4 was coming to its logical end. However, the developers managed to delight the audience by releasing a major update, For Rent, which brings a lot of new features to the game. 

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The name of the expansion speaks for itself. The main novelty of the DLC is the rental of premises. From now on, Sims can rent out housing, or lease their own to other Sims. Characters can even rent a separate room, opening new boundaries for player-crafted storylines. Renting can also be a profitable business, and this is associated with a new profession. 

The developers didn't stop there. EA set up a pop-up installation in London dedicated to the For Rent update. It can be found at the following address: 15 Bateman Street, London, W1D 3AQ. The screen displays the name of one of the real estate agent firms in The Sims 4 — Landgraab & Son. 

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The For Rent update brings more than just the rental feature to the game. Other new mechanics and items have been added, which we have detailed in a separate article

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