On August 10, the updated Quake II was released with all additions, support for widescreen resolutions, improved models and animations, and a local cooperative.

We would like to note right away that this is not a full-fledged remaster. The developers call the game just an improved version.

What was added:

• The Reckoning and Ground Zero mods and DLC Call of the Machine;

• Network and local co-op for up to 4 players;

• Cross-platform;

• Sight gestures;

• The game supports widescreen resolution up to 4K;

• Redesigned models and animations of opponents, blood effects, dynamic lighting and high-quality cut scenes;

• Optimized AI behavior.

Quake II is available for PC, Switch, PlayStation, Xbox and in Game Pass. The price for such a pleasure is rather low — $ 10. It is clear that the developers set the reasonable price. Did they, Rockstar? Those who have the original game, will receive an improved version for free. Sending greetings to Capcom, too.

Quake 2Image credit: gamingonlinux.com

Youtuber Cycu1 has already published a comparison of the remaster with the original 1997 game.

Main image: Bethesda Softworks