Back on August 7th, Capcom announced a collaboration between "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and Street Fighter 6. A ten-minute gameplay video has already appeared on the network, showing a hero in a Leonardo costume. In addition to turtle skins, special accessories, emotions, titles and wallpapers were added to the game. This collaboration started on August 8th.

Everything looks tempting, but the players are not happy with such a collaboration. Do you think they are too spoiled? No, they are rational. In order for all content to be available, you need to pay $100 for it, although the game itself costs $60. At the same time, turtles are just skins! Did gaming companies take the tendency to charge players a lot of money for literally nothing, just pixels on the screen?

1Image credit: YouTube

The VGC portal didn't hesitate and gave an example of a more successful crossover — "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" in Injustice 2. The price was also adequate. The whole pack cost $20. And the turtles weren't some skins, they were separate characters.

Capcom has clearly turned in the wrong direction. Either the company is doing badly, or greed has strangled it.

Main image: YouTube