The standard game The Sims 4 became free back in 2022, attracting many players who had not yet had the chance to try the game. However, DLCs are not completely free. Now, players can avail themselves of the free "Romantic Garden Stuff" add-on. For a limited time, players can get this stuff pack for free on any platform.

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The free distribution of the Romantic Garden Stuff pack started on Steam and on EA's official website. Players can claim the pack until 10:00 AM North American time on January 9, 2024. The pack includes new outfits, furniture, hairstyles, and decorations.

With a variety of delightful flowers, moss-covered statues, and ivy-covered arches, you can create a charming romantic garden for your Sims.

In November, the developers started giving away the "My First Pet Stuff" pack. This can also be claimed until January 9, 2024. A total of 2 free expansions for the beloved life simulator! A great Christmas gift. The main thing is to claim them in time.

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