On December 4, 2023, the official trailer for GTA 6 was released, which showcases many interesting things. Judging by the trailer, all the action will take place in our time. This is indicated by numerous details.

GTA 6Image credit: youtube.com/@RockstarGames 

We not only see modern vehicles on streets bathed in neon light, high-rise buildings, and an array of modern weapons, but also social networks. Most likely, social networks will play a certain role in GTA 6.

Various frames showed clips on social networks, similar to TikTok, where random passersby take selfies or film other people. Based on these facts, it can confidently be said that the action of GTA 6 takes place in the current generation.

GTA 6Image credit: youtube.com/@RockstarGames 

Well, other GTA games have also been close to the year in which they were released. For example, GTA 4 perfectly captured the atmosphere of 2008, and GTA 5 showed that the actions unfolded in 2013. Considering that GTA 6 will be released in 2025, the story will probably be set around this period.

Main image: youtube.com/@RockstarGames