The online streaming service Netflix has published a video with teasing images from animated films and series that will appear on the platform in 2024. Among them is the second season of "Arcane," the series about multiple League of Legends characters that dives into the lore of the game.

In the "Arcane" showcase, we can see Caitlyn and Vi, who have become enforcers. With her new role, Vi will swap street attire for a more formal uniform, while Caitlyn will receive a new rifle. Additionally, it seems the duo may recruit two more characters to their team. Jinx is also shown in a brief snippet, but her plans remain unclear.

In the first season we saw around a dozen out of 150+ League of Legends characters. It will be interesting to see if there will be new (yet familiar) faces.

Once again, the second season of "Arcane" is made by studio Fortiche. The first season is considered to be one of the greatest game adaptations of all time, and producers are not going to lower the bar.

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