Something is happening with the Cloud9 CS roster. Today, they announced that two more players are benched. Soon after Electronic was transferred to, Cloud9 also decided to move on without Perfecto and Hobbit

This roster move is shocking, as there were huge expectations of this Russian super squad. However, after poor results in recent tournaments, it looks like there are big troubles within the organization. We can say that because of two things: first of all, Cloud9 put a lot of resources into securing such a roster, and it will be too problematic to drop the core roster after only so little time has passed. Second, the team also loses assistant coach F1N, who had great synergy with head coach groove dating back to the Gambit Youngsters days.

Of course, these are only assumptions, but Cloud9 brought a storm to the transfer market. Who will replace Perfecto and Hobbit in Cloud9? What is the next step for players? We'll wait and see.

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