First, there were twelve teams. Then there were eight. Now, only four of them stay alive, and we can't say there were no big surprises.

G2 Esports decided that they could pull off a miracle lower bracket run as they shocked the world with the clean sweep over Top Esports. One of the key factors in this upset was unconventional drafts with several AD carries. The LPL representatives were simply not ready and found themselves eliminated from the tournament before a solution was found.

In round three, G2 Esports will have a rematch against T1. Faker and his team sent the LEC representative to the lower bracket after five intense maps, but now they have to face each other again. T1 defeated Team Liquid 3:1, and although the community loves jokes about NA, meaning "Near Airport", the LCS team had a decent run that they shouldn't be ashamed of.

While T1 and G2 Esports will have an elimination match, in the upper bracket, we will see the series between Gen.G Esports and Bilibili Gaming. The best teams from South Korea and China will determine the first grand finalists of the tournament.

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