Representatives of the Esports World Cup Foundation have revealed thirty clubs that will receive monetary support so they can establish new teams in various disciplines. 

Initially, twenty-eight organizations should have made the cut, but due to enormous interest from candidates, the number of spots was increased by two. Among the list, there are all the big names: Natus Vincere, FaZe Clan, Cloud9, T1 and many more.

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The goal of this support initiative is to help participants build a stable infrastructure by owning teams in multiple disciplines and regions. It is anticipated that this will also provide players with more opportunities on the professional scene. Additionally, the program includes annual awards for participants who help increase fan engagement in EWC tournaments through their own content.

EWCF representatives clarified that the support program does not guarantee participants a place at the Esports World Cup championships. Like all other teams, they will have to go through qualifiers. So these teams are incentivized to sign big names, and now we have official reasoning for some unusual signings.

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