Destiny 2, with all its expansions, can be considered a very large game. Due to constant data streams, this project is rife with various bugs that are not always simple to resolve, and sometimes impossible. Fixing one such error could lead to the collapse of the game's integrity, so developers resort to clever workarounds.

There are also less harmful issues that greatly annoy players. For example, a Reddit post by a user named Luke-HW discusses a visual error. Attached screenshots show that the skybox is distorted and hides all the environmental details recorded in it. This happens in The Dreaming City when transitioning between areas.

It turns out that such skybox problems also occur in other locations. This old error appeared 3 years ago with the release of the Beyond Light expansion. Developers fixed the lighting, after which the skybox started malfunctioning. For instance, in the sky of the Ascendant Challenges location, one can see strange shapes and even floating pieces of the map.

A solution to this error in the near future is not anticipated. Not enough players have complained about this bug for it to become a concern for the developers. Moreover, fixing the skybox is not that simple, as it could break all the lighting in the game.

Main image by Easy Diffusion