Season of the Wish seems to be attempting to revive the dwindling fan base of Destiny 2, judging by the number of players on Steam.

At the time of the launch, Season of the Wish had the lowest peak on Steam in the history of any season's launch. In Season of the Wish, the number of players reached 94,670 in the first 24 hours. This is lower than the previous record holder for the worst season launch, Season of the Worthy, which had a peak of 115,465. This represents a concerning decline following Lightfall, undoubtedly exacerbated by recent controversies surrounding layoffs at Bungie.

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The reason for the low rating is simple. Destiny 2 players are unhappy with the gameplay in Season of the Wish. A Reddit user under the username SthenicFreeze initiated the discussion regarding the lack of gameplay content.

Other players complained that they had to complete a new mission in an old location and a single quest to finish the main quest, which a five-year-old child could have managed.

Other users joined the discussion and supported other gamers, as they shared similar emotions.

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Additionally, the fact that players are tired of Destiny 2's seasonal model is significant, so Season of the Wish's offerings did not excite them.

Because the developers didn't add more new content, Destiny 2 fans were extremely dissatisfied with Season of the Wish. This season will last seven months, and it will be a miracle for Bungie to retain its player base and not lose it in the coming days.

However, there is still a chance that the number of players will recover over the course of the season without any miracles. On December 1st, a new dungeon called Warlord’s Ruin is planned to launch, which will surely attract many players once it becomes available.

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