Destiny 2 fans will get the answer to their disturbing question: "What is the future of the game?" at the end of August. The developers have decided to please gamers and release a large-scale update of the shooter. But it won't be a new announcement and patch release. The creators are preparing a separate show, where they will reveal the details of "The Final Shape" expansion and show other innovations for Destiny 2.

And while the fans are looking forward to this show, the creators offered them to get acquainted with the epic moments of "The Light and Darkness Saga".

Bungie will be hosting a Destiny 2 Showcase broadcast that will focus on the "The Final Shape" update. This chapter will conclude "The Light and Darkness Saga" and open up a section with new content.

Destiny 2 Showcase is scheduled for August 22. The developers also promise to discuss the shooter's 22nd season, talk about the new raid and share plans for the next year of content support.

Main image: Steam