On October 2nd, Elon Musk hosted a 52-minute stream of Diablo IV on the social network X. He wanted to test the platform and show that it could handle full-scale broadcasts. Although it was a test launch of a live stream, it attracted a record number of viewers. However, 12 out of the 52 minutes had to be spent setting up the stream, and Musk needed a colleague's help. The rest of the time, he was navigating through the 69th-level dungeon.

Nearly 400000 users watch Elon Musks Diablo 4 streamImage credit: sueddeutsche.de

For streaming, the businessman created a new account on "X" with the nickname cyb3rgam3r420. Judging by the recording, there were some problems at the beginning of the stream, which were then fixed with settings. For forty minutes, he discussed his build in Diablo 4 for the druid and shared his impressions of the game.

The peak online viewership attracted about 1,500 simultaneous viewers. That's a reasonably large number, considering that streams are being tested and are only available to premium subscribers. The post with the recording was viewed by 1.7 million users, and the video itself garnered 392,000 viewers within a day of publication.

Nearly 400000 users watch Elon Musks Diablo 4 streamImage credit: latercera.com

Apparently, Musk was pleased with the testing results. After the "broadcast," he wrote that the streams were working and promised to host another one soon. The billionaire will try to get through the 100-level nightmare dungeon.

Main image: x.com