With the launch of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth approaching, Square Enix, amidst the excitement surrounding the game's release, has offered another look at what this project will bring to players. The developer disclosed new details about some of the locations that gamers will visit in the vast world of the game and about some new characters that will be introduced.

Final Fantasy 7 RebirthImage credit: jp.finalfantasy.com

As for the former, there is Starboard Junon, a residential area in the fortified metropolis of Junon. Located on board Starboard Junon with an ocean view are housing for Shinra staff, elite boutiques, and restaurants, and it is currently in the process of preparing for a parade in honor of President Shinra's inauguration.

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Another new place is Shinra-8, a cruise liner that transports people between the eastern and western continents of the planet and is headed to the resort city of Costa del Sol after departing from Junon. On board the cruise liner, players will be able to participate in the Queen’s Blood tournament — a card game that players can play in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

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Regarding the characters, there is, of course, Elena. She is described as "as skilled in hand-to-hand combat and firearms as the rest" of the squad.

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There is also Cait Sith, whom fans of Final Fantasy 7 will know well thanks to his moogle and his high-tech skills, which he can use in battle.

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Screenshots have also been published showing the combat, as well as the aforementioned locations and characters.

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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will be released on PS5 on February 29.

Main image: Reddit