From December 17, the closed beta testing of the session-based shooter Escape from Tarkov: Arena began. Many videos have already appeared online that allow assessment of the game's quality.

Arena is a spin-off of the extraction shooter by Battlestate Games. Here, players must fight each other in small locations. Before the start of a match, users buy an equipment preset that they will use in all subsequent rounds.

Escape from Tarkov: Arena will feature various PvP and PvE modes, rankings, lots of weapons and equipment, which also need to be unlocked during gameplay. Additionally, owners of the original EFT can play under the same profile.

The developers are actively sending out invitations to participate in the beta test. As reported earlier, priority is given to those users who pre-ordered Arena earlier than others. An invitation letter should appear in the email linked to the Battlestate Games account.

However, not everything turned out to be as joyful and simple. The beta launch was marred by the fact that access was given to a small number of players. Access to the Arena was promised to all purchasers of the Edge of Darkness edition for Escape from Tarkov, but it was assumed that all owners of the game and those who pre-ordered the shooter in the required edition would be able to play in the Arena immediately.

Players also disapproved of the fact that streamers and other content creators were given immediate access upon the beta's release. In addition, the developers have not commented on when to expect new waves of invitations.

The release of Escape From Tarkov: Arena is scheduled for next year.

Main image by Stable Diffusion