So, has Battlefield 2042 been brought back to its proper form? But at what cost? The cost turned out to be the trust of fans worldwide. BF 2042 vividly demonstrated how a beloved shooter series can become worse and worse. A striking example of DICE's downfall can be seen in the comparison of Battlefield 2042 with the indie game BattleBit.

A team-based shooter made by a handful of enthusiasts in a garage nearly dethroned a game from one of the largest studios. Only Herculean efforts brought Battlefield 2042 back to life, but the joy of fans may soon turn into anger.

Insider under the alias geronimo_73_ (Roberto Serrano), known for providing accurate information about Starfield and Hogwarts Legacy, is back with news. According to him, a new part of Battlefield will be released in 2024.

He mentioned that we'll see a teaser of the new game at the beginning of 2024, and it will be available for purchase in autumn of the same year. Notably, the game is being developed by the newly formed studio, Ridgeline Games, comprising industry veterans who previously worked on Halo and Call of Duty. Other studios involved in the development include DICE, Ripple Effect, and Industrial Toys.

The source of this news hurried to reassure those who have already purchased Battlefield 2042 and believed it to be a good game. The insider claims that BF 2042 will continue to be actively supported even after the release of the new installment in the series. This is not surprising considering the dismal start of the last game in the series.

Are you excited for the new part of Battlefield?

Main image: Twitter