Just 90 seconds of the trailer were enough to amaze the players so much that they still can't calm down after watching the official GTA 6 trailer. Emotions are still high, and wild theories are being formed. Let's take a look at them.

Blonde — Lucia

GTA 6Image credit: youtube.com/@RockstarGames 

The first fan theory is built around a hot blonde in a swimsuit. They believe this is the main character Lucia, even though she wears sunglasses and has blonde hair. Some fans think this might be a secret mission, where the player will act undercover at a lavish pool party. Others are confident that this might hint at Lucia's rise to the top, from committing crimes to a high-society life in the city.

Three Little Birds

GTA 6Image credit: Facebook

Even before the trailer was released, the teaser art announcing the release had already sparked interesting reflections among fans. What attracted the most attention were the silhouettes of three birds. In the bird theory, there were suggestions that this hinted at three main characters, as in GTA 5, or possibly a song that could be featured.

As soon as the trailer was released, introducing Lucia and Jason, rumors began to spread again. For example, that Lucia might have a child, which would affect the course of the story.

Closed Territories

The boldest theories from fans of the GTA 6 trailerImage credit: youtube.com/@RockstarGames 

Lucia is depicted on the official artwork with an ankle tag used for tracking location. Many believe this could contribute to our sense of progress: some territories will be closed at the beginning of the game, and they won't be accessible right away.

Love Story and Song

GTA 6Image credit: youtube.com/@RockstarGames 

When GTA 6 came out, attention was drawn to Tom Petty's song Love is a Long Road. Many noticed the lyrics and connected it to the love story between the main characters. It's a fitting song for a Bonnie and Clyde atmosphere, which this pair seems to radiate, but it could have another meaning. Considering the lyrics, one can assume that the words are coming from a man who falls in love with Lucia.

One particular line also spawned several interesting ideas: "She tried to make my world what she thought it should be". One fan believes that the male character might be hiding something. Perhaps acting as an undercover police officer.

The lyrics suggest that he falls for Lucia when he gets caught up in their partnership.

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