On September 5, 2023, it was announced that Annapurna Animation is making an animated movie about "Stray". Specific details about the film weren't given, but there were some staff comments.

One of Stray's themes is "hopepunk", meaning resistance through optimism. This idea is a big part of the project.

StrayImage credit: maniac.de

Andrew Millstein from Annapurna Animation said this about why they chose the game for a movie:

This game is about what makes us human, but there are no humans. It's a funny story of a cat and a robot. So, it's naturally funny, but no humans are in it. I think that's why people loved the game — you see everything from a cute cat's perspective. We'll capture this in the film, even if it seems hard.

The game is about a stray cat in a dystopian world. The cat ends up in an underground city with human-like robots. Trying to get out, the cat makes friends, learns about the city's past, and faces many challenges.

Main image: YouTube