Developers from Battlestate Games have published screenshots of a new map for Escape from Tarkov, named Ground Zero. This map is expected to be added to the game very soon with the release of an update.

Escape from TarkovImage credit: Reddit

It is a deserted metropolis with a large number of skyscrapers, laboratories, and abandoned cars.

Escape from TarkovImage credit: Reddit

You can watch a video of the new map below.

Also, the creators of Escape from Tarkov have revealed an image of a new boss named Kollontay.

Escape from TarkovImage credit:

Battlestate Games announced that on 27.12, Escape from Tarkov is undergoing an update to version

Escape from TarkovImage credit: Instagram

Patch features:

The Ground Zero location with a lot of modern infrastructure (banks, cafes, restaurants, shops, pharmacies, an emergency services station, etc.);

  • Boss Kollontay;
  • A new type of Kaban suit;
  • Reworked "Shoreline" location;
  • New types of weapons, equipment, loot;
  • A new Shelter module – the Corner of Glory;
  • Achievements system;
  • New hitbox and armor system;
  • 37 armor plates – 7 for the chest section, 6 for the back section, 20 universal (for chest and back sections), and 4 for the side sections;
  • New recoil mechanics;
  • Balance changes in trading.

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