The first version of Warzone was released in 2020 and conquered the battle royale genre, becoming one of the most popular titles in this category. Since then, the project has undergone numerous changes and updates, to the extent that it was renamed Warzone 2.0 last year.

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However, players are dissatisfied with how the game has developed and are requesting the opportunity to play the original version again. They are even willing to pay a substantial amount for such a unique opportunity.

A post was created on the Warzone subreddit reminiscing about the original title, stating, "Covid Warzone was a simpler time". The post included several videos from the game, showcasing weapons, areas on the map, and much more that are no longer present in the current version.

In the comments, people fondly recall the time spent in the original version of the game. One user even offered $1000 to play the original again.

Warzone players willing to pay a lot to play the original versionImage credit: Reddit

Other users supported this proposal, showcasing their true love for the project.

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