Global Esports Tour Rio de Janeiro 2024 is an event which wasn't hosted by the biggest esports tournament organizers in the world, but it boasted an impressive prize pool of $200,000. Four Brazilian teams, four international teams, one double elimination bracket and three days of Counter-Strike 2 - that was the recipe of the tournament.

We can't say this event ran smoothly. Before the event, one of the PaiN Gaming players was robbed, and different technical problems also had their place. The match between MiBR and OG was delayed because teams couldn't print their tactics on time. 

Also, some teams were playing Esports World Cup qualifiers at the same time, and that also led to delays. Thus, two day 1 matches were postponed to day 2. There were disagreements about the schedules and other troubles, but luckily, this tournament had its happy ending when PaiN Gaming players raised the trophy above their heads.

PaiN Gaming, together with Imperial, were the two strongest teams. They met in the upper bracket finals, and Imperial was stronger in the first match. However, in the grand final rematch, it was PaiN who had the last laugh and $100,000 of the grand prize.

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