Probably every CoD fan has experienced a moment of magic when an impressive kill or stunt is pulled off, something that seems virtually impossible. Nowadays, trick shots are less sought after, and players are more focused on improving their K/D ratio or winning the match, especially in Warzone.

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So, a streamer recently executed a "crazy" maneuver and made one of the "craziest" kills of their CoD career. This footage divided fans: some accused them of cheating, while others praised the incredible clip.

The streamer DudeltsSam in question shared the clip to the game’s subreddit, stating:

Just hit the craziest shot in Warzone.

In the clip, we see them jumping off a zipline, quick-scoping midair, and sniping another player out of the air.

Some Warzone participants were quick to congratulate DudeltsSam on the mind-blowing shot. Others were less impressed, suspecting the streamer of cheating. However, there appear to be no suspicious blocks or signs of external software, so it's most likely just a classic trick shot.

Main image by ensiplay