In the USA, an interesting incident occurred: on December 27th in Ohio, a 16-year-old girl went missing. She stopped communicating with her family. After that, they contacted the police.

One and a half weeks later, the police managed to find her. In this case, an incredible coincidence helped. Someone logged into her World of Warcraft account in Florida. The police immediately went there and found 31-year-old Thomas Ebersole.

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According to the police, Thomas Ebersole met the underage girl online and started chatting with her on Discord. It turned out that the messages were of an intimate nature. On December 27th, the man decided to meet her and traveled to Ohio, where she lives with her parents.

Without their permission, Thomas Ebersole decided to take the underage girl to his home in Florida, planning to marry her later. The parents immediately contacted the police to find their missing daughter.

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Thomas Ebersole was taken into custody. During the interrogation, he admitted that he had indeed been messaging the girl and wanted her to become his wife. He is now in Marion County Jail without bail.

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