The Mid-Season Invitational tournament raises the stakes, as its champion will be the first team to qualify for the Worlds 2024. Twelve teams entered the tournament, but four got eliminated in the Play-In stage. We wrote about the success of T1 and Top Esports. Now it is time to recap the battles for the second place in groups and tell you the first matchups of the bracket stage.

Group B was more predictable as Fnatic was performing well, even against a powerhouse such as Top Esports. It was obvious that the European squad was stronger than other contenders for second place. In the lower bracket final, Fnatic swept GAM Esports.

In Group A, we had a rematch between FlyQuest and Talon Esports. The LCS team won the first faceoff 2:1 but got stomped by T1. On the other hand, the PCS representative gained morale after beating Estral Esports 2:0, which helped the team get a successful revenge.

In the first round of the Bracket Stage, we have the following pairs:

Teams will play in a double-elimination bracket, with all matches being best of five.

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