With the start of the sixth season of Overwatch 2, developers plan to introduce a new character named Illari. However, the community has not yet been given a full presentation of the hero. Players could only catch a brief glimpse of Illari in the closing seconds of the "Invasion" update trailer.

As we know, the internet is full of leaks and interesting information. Some screenshots of the new hero have made their way onto the web. While the images are of poor quality, they offer a view of Illari's appearance. These pictures were posted on x.com by one of the content creators. At the moment, the post has already been removed.

overwatch 2 IllariImage credit: twitter.com/UhOh_Stevo

It is already known that Illari hails from Peru, and his abilities are somehow related to the sun. Descriptions of the hero's abilities have also surfaced, but this information should be approached with caution as it has not been officially confirmed. 

• Hitscan-style weapons will not only deal damage but also provide healing capabilities. 

• A healing turret with 150 hit points. 

• Boots that allow Illari to knock back enemies, similar to Baptiste's "Jump Boots".

• During his ultimate ability, Illari will be able to fly and unleash rockets that deal damage and apply debuffs.

Whether this information is true or not, we will find out on August 10, as players will be able to test the new hero on that day.

Main Image: Steam